Wine & Food Pairing - Cabernet & Pinot Noir

Savory & Sweet Morsels that Pair Perfectly with Wine.
We Offer a Tasting Platter of Cheese, Charcuterie, Baguette Slices, and Fresh Fruit.
You choose which Wine Bites you would like and we will recommend 3 wines and a Sparking.

$40 per guest ( min 10 Guests )
Based on a 2 hour reception. (Staffing an additional fee)

Includes: 5 different Wine Bites (10 per guest)
Stem-ware, Cocktail Plates & Forks, Cocktail Napkins, Serving Vessels, Linen, and Décor


Pork BBQ Slider/Sweet and Spicy Slaw
Duck Bacon BLT/Cherry Mayonnaise
Braised Short Rib/Polenta Squares
Baby Beef Wellington
Garden Fresh Crostini
Grill Flat Bread/Prosciutto/Stilton
Lamb Keobob/Tazaki Sauce
Fennel Sausage Lasagne in Demi Cups
Lamb/Mushrooms/Lolli Pops
Fois Gras/Cherry Popo Rocks/Lolli Pops
Grass Fed Beef Sliders/Onion Relish
Lentil Pockets/Walnut Drizzle
Beet Panna Cotta/Orange-Cucumber

Cherry Jubilee Crepes/Whipped Crème Fraiche
Hazelnut Chocolate Semi-freddio
Strawberry Connoli/Chocolate Ganache
Chocolate Cherry Cupcakes
Chocolate Volcano Cake
Triple Chocolate Hazelnut Cake
Salted Caramel Chocolates


Blacken Steak/Cab-Blue Cheese Dipper
Grilled Flat Bread/Marinated Vegetables
Baby Bellas/Ground Lamb/Pine-Nuts
Pochini Mushrooms/Latkes/ Chive Cream
Rigatoni Mushroom Sauce in Demi Cups
Baked Brie Bites/Tarragon
Grass Fed Beef Sliders/Bacon Chive Crumbles
Baby Beef Pot-Pie/ Chrivil Gravy
Swiss Chard Roll-ups
Eggplant Chips Ground Lamb/Tazuki Sauce
Baby Potatoes/Short Rib/Pickled Onions
Beef Carpaccio Roulades/Truffle Butter
Asparagus Wraps/Beef Loin/Juniper Syrup

S’mores Crepe
Brown Sugar Pears/Fudge Sauce
Blackberry Pound Cake/Chocolate Milk Whip
Espresso Torte
Cherry “Pop-Tart”
Frozen Cherry-Chocolate Souffle Shots
Berry Marsh-mellow Pops

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